The Firm

Established in 1961, by Aldo Toriello, we pride ourselves on providing a full range of legal services needed by today’s sophisticated shipping and maritime industry. It is not the size, but the commitment and passion which motivate our team of lawyers to continue to provide outstanding legal advice to longstanding and new clients alike, and continue to build the relationships we have forged with them over the years, toward sustained mutual gains.

The original focus was maritime law, insurance law and transportation law, along with customs and international trade law. However, due to demand our reach has over the years extended to include corporate law (company law, bankruptcy law, insolvency and restructuring procedures, competition law, intellectual property, organization and management models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 and equivalent and compliance bylaws in other jurisdictions), banking and financial markets law, oil and energy law, procurement, real estate, (and) commercial contracts in general.

Our client needs motivated us to expand our legal knowledge and expertise to include providing the necessary legal assistance in the field of asset protection and the setting up of asset funds and trusts.

With expansion and growth comes change, and the legal industry, once known for its traditional practices and resistance to change, is undergoing a transformative r-evolution since 2020. With the booming e-ecommerce industry, lawyering in the digital age has forced many law firms to operate on a more remote basis in order to cater to client needs, and at our firm we believe that adaptation is essential, in fact, it’s a must.


Toriello LSN, is a well-established network of specialized lawyers with directly operated offices, as well as legal advisors in countries where we don’t have direct presence, in order to cover our client needs.

Our aim is ensuring the same level of professionalism and quality everywhere in the world. With clients across Europe, Middle East and the United Arab Emirates (EMEA) and Southern Africa, with a strong presence in South Africa and Namibia and the Asia Pacific region, the US and Canada, South and Central America.


Toriello LSN, has over thirty years’ experience and provides a full range of legal services both in and out of court. Our clients in the maritime law sector include Italian and foreign shipping companies, industrial and commercial companies,  P & I clubs, Ministries, Port Authorities, insurance companies, banking institutions, multinationals in their capacity as consignors, charterers, freight forwarders, shipping agents and brokers, shipyards, terminal operators, and off-shore platform operators.