Stefano Maggiani



Profile and experiences

Stefano Maggiani graduated from the University of Molise in 2002 with his final paper on Navigation Law. He has held various positions of relevance at the Ministry of Economic Development-Directorate General for Business Incentives, the Regional Health Authority and in various local and municipal authorities; including the Municpality of Campobasso, the Province of Chieti as well as Instituto Autonomo Case Popolari di Campobasso.

A member of the Campobasso Bar since 2005 where he was counselor (2018-2022) and is registered with the national list of Independent Evaluation Bodies and served as assessment supervisor in public administration with positions in the Commission for Relations with the Judiciary and Institutions  as well as the Information Technology (IT) Commission.

Stefano was a consultant for a leading Italian advisory organization from 2013-2018, active in the internationalization of Italian businesses toward the Asia-Pacific market. He is a fiduciary lawyer of the Italian Football Coaches Association for the region where he was elected president for Molise in 2021. Stefano also serves as vice-governor of the east coast region of the Italian Lions Club.

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