Fabio Toriello

Profile and experiences

Fabio Toriello, leads the team with his extensive experience and expertise for which he was recognized as the Shipping and Maritime Expert in Italy, at the Leaders in Law Global Awards in 2023.

After graduating from the University of Genoa, he obtained his PhD on Comparative Law in 1999. Gaining (early) work experience in England in the maritime insurance sector as well as the New York office of Deorchis & Partners. He began working in the firm (founded by his father, Aldo Toriello, in 1961) where he made partner in 1994, and has since continued to build on the legacy of excellence, dedication and trust, which the firm is known for.  

Fabio is associate Professor of Private Law at the University of Sassari since 2005, where he teaches private law, information law and legal English. He authored several publications on various subjects; the legal position of foreign citizens in the European union from a comparative law perspective (published in 1997); the integration of European Law through the case law of the European Court of Justice (published 2000); contractual models for cargo governance (published 2014); private enforcement and tort law remedies under European law (published 2018).

He has been general editor and has contributed extensively on consumer contracts and product liability and has written more than a 100 essays on the topics of private, comparative, EU, international trade and transport law.

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